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1002 west 8th Street

Erie, PA 16502

Open from 9AM - 12AM



Bruce's Pub & Grub

Darcy's Pub & Grub



Bruces Pub & Grub opened in November of 2013.

In the past, Bruces has lived up to it’s moto of  “what a corner bar should be”.

Cold beer, good friends and great food! 

Completely remodelled inside and out, from the bar, kitchen and bathroom as well as new heating and air conditioning.

Bruces boasts the cleanest bathrooms and coldest air conditioning in town.

Daily food and drink specials along with a great group of regulars and employees, make Bruces Pub & Grub a must stop destination.

If you have a good experience, tell others and if not, tell Bruce! 

He is there every day of the year!


Lastly, 2 big announcements:


Firstly- Bruces Pub & Grub has hired a company to disinfect our bathrooms as well as we have installed plastic dividers between all our patrons. We also have gallon bottles of hand sanitiser available and employees are constantly sanitising all surfaces with clean towels.


Secondly- Bruces will begin a homemade BBQ menu for eat in or take out. This will happen shortly after we recover from Covid 19.


We hope to see you visiting us soon!


Bruce and staff.



Darcy's Pub & Grub opened in July 2016.

With a successful opening and the rebuilding of Bruce's Pub & Grub, Bruce decided to open a west side pub & grub.

After a complete remodel including roof, bar, ceiling, floor, restrooms as well as the kitchen, Darcy's Pub & Grub now has daily drink and food specials.

Home cooked meals as well as bar food.

Darcy's is currently preparing to re-open from the coronavirus aftermath with two bits of exciting news!

Firstly- the bar has been fitted with plastic dividers between all seated customers as well as gallon jugs of hand sanitizer for patrons and staff.

Employees will be wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant and new rags all day long.

We hope to see you visiting us soon!

Darcy and staff.







Bruce's Pub & Grub

Darcy's Pub & Grub

If you have any questions about anything, just give us a call! 

1002 West 8TH ST 

ERIE, PA 16502




M-S: 9AM to 12AM

Sun: 9AM to 12AM

3746 West 8TH ST 

ERIE, PA 16505




M-S: 9AM to 1AM

Sun: 9AM to 1AM

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